♥ Sunday, June 07, 2009

while away, meeting people...
i come back to the office to see what had
happened to my dearest bear.
courtesy of yonghui....
now you understand where does the creativity
of yonghui comes from.............. hahahahaha

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♥ Saturday, June 06, 2009

well... my attempt to stick to my blogging life
has NOT been successful at all.
the new skin didnt lure me enough to make me
a faithful blogger. hahaha.
on a better note, at least i am faithful to the
more important things in life right? (:

i just realised that we are half way through
bible school already.
learnt alot, grew alot. somehow, by going
to bible school, i feel that i am in awe of
Pastors even more. i dont know why, but
it is just this feeling that makes me go
wow... pst is this, pst is that....
its kinda hard to describe sometimes.
but i think it is good. it is always good
to be in awe of the ones you love.
you receive alot more like that somehow.
having the honour to serve on staff lets you
see even more how Pastors are like.
i thank God that i get to know Pastors
and they are constantly always so amazing!
thank you Pastors for all that you have done.

we are going on to the next level now.
it is no longer just doing our own things, building
our own little church. but we are here for real.
we are not that far off from being a mega YOUTH church.
when we are in the few thousands, guess what?
we are all at the prime of our lives.
we are living our church vision out loud!
raise up a generation who would give God their best years...
i know at least i would only be at my mid 20s.
and of course for people like cheryl and jia jia, they are like 18?!
these are our best years, when we are young and vibrant, equip
well in the skills and heart for God's work.
we are the mighty army of God. we can cause a revolution in the world.
take yourself seriously. you REALLY are a world changer.

let's really grow the church and ourselves this season.
we need to be the best of the best. the strongest we can be.
because we are the leaders of the 2000. we are the world changers.
we must prepare ourselves for a time like this.
the future is going to be amazing.

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10:07 AM

♥ Monday, May 25, 2009

Red Rain has been a blast!
we are amazing people...
you should have come and seen the whole set up
for the entire concert.
today, the pastoral people were upstairs
talking through the lives of those that the
ops people have helepd to stage a beautiful
concert for these souls to be planted.
you see it is all part of the whole plan.
the ops had laid an amazing foundation
now the pastoral side takes over to
continue building upon this
foundation that the ops had done.

i am so proud to be in Heart of God Church!
we are amazing and powerful people.
the decor team, the fashion team, the dance team, the leaders...
they are all amazing to me.
i love being with them and hanging out with them!
i wouldnt trade them for anything in this world! (:

i live my life in total enjoyment that i get to do
so many things the right way for God.
it is such an accomplishment and joy to be that.
i thank God for my life - totally.

bible school tomorrow is going to be fun - i guess!
hahah. we are learning about deliverance tomorrow....
so oh well... quite nervous about it, but i guess it would
be good to learn how to do that!
there is always times we all grow to learn something new.
so, i will share with you all more when tomorrow ends!

i had a good dinner at home, missed drinking soup....!
i so love home-cooked food and those long hours of boiling
kinda soup. it is so nice and delicious! my maid is good!
haha. she is a christian too by the way!

alrights, going to add people on facebook, eat fruits now!

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8:54 PM

♥ Wednesday, May 20, 2009

just came to church after bible school!
it was good! Pst Kong was preaching today...
he spent a total of 1.5hrs on 1 VERSE!
so in total the entire bible school today
we did 8 verses in total....
how amazing is that right?

it has been good, i miss spending time
with God these few days.
sometimes we run and we do things,
organise things, plan things.
but we fail to realise that the Boss
behind all of these is the reason why we
do all of them.
to me, this struck me yesterday, so i
had a good talk with Him in the morning
and i love those intimate times.
the amazing thing about God is that more
than a Saviour, He is also our friend.
we get to hang out with God.
how cool is that right?

other than that, i am totally
loving my life! so many things to do
these few months after exams ended and
bible school was on the roll. events after
events to get people saved!

we are so close to our 1000! (:
2 more weeks to grow by 100.
it would be good!
i know we would get there.
let's keep growing and building
our zones strong!

have faith for 100 more to be planted!

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2:42 PM

♥ Monday, May 18, 2009

it is a rainy monday...
i have been totally flat sick for the 2 days!
how miserable can that be...
nevertheless, i am blogging because i realised
how dead my blog is! hahaha.
so it is alive and kicking now with a new skin
all thanks to Fedora who managed to rescue
it with her web-bing abilities! (:

anyway, i am going to see the doc really soon
to hopefully find out why am i turning out like
i want to go bible school tomorrow because
Pastor Kong is coming to preach! so excited!
bible school has been great!
we just had like mock CG last week -
and in total i had a total of 13 CGs!
up there man! can you imagine that??
but it was good, i felt that we really did
a good HOGC CG well! (:
and of course we did learn how to run
better CGs and we would improve our own.

recently, i have been feeling closer to God.
it is like you can hear Him clearer than before
and like you can ask Him things and He would
talk back to you.
i guess, it is such a great feeling to be close
to God in a friend way more than just a Lord way.
we all can know God at a Saviour level...
then at a fearful Lord level...
which is all good and essential...
but i feel a closer level would be to know Him like
a friend. like Adam and Eve...
they walk with God in the garden! how cool is that!
i want to walk with God in a garden too! haha.
not garden of eden nor botanic garden can already!
hahaha. some nice place to know God more and be
closer to Him even more!

service last weekend was PHENOMENA! (:
i rather burn than submit.
we all would always keep this in our hearts now
because it is a time for our convictions to stand
mind blowing... solidfy our convictions.
they would turn our to be our values in life
and in turn determine who we are
and who we are going to be.

lately, i have just been feeling that it is time
to let my parents know abit more about my
committments in church. i am alittle afraid
but i decided to let my dad know about
bible school.
i wrote it in a card and of course before that
thank him for all the things he bought for me
when he went aussie and korea for his trips.
it was really sweet of him to do that! (:
i think he understood after all he is a christian
so i am quite happy about it. hahaha.
it would be good.

one day, you would see my parents in church
with me for sure.
our families matter. we must care and love them.

so gald to revive my blog and share my thoughts here!
till then! see you soon world! (:

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11:51 AM

♥ Saturday, April 04, 2009

well, at least for now, i am highly sleeply! hahaha.
but still, i am going to try to finish my essay!
i just realised that 1 of my prof decided to have another essay.
i think he is bored or something, so he needs our writing to
relax or just do something in life!
i invited my mother for easter already!! and i think she might come!
please pray that she and my brother would come.... (:
i would be really happy. haha. i am quite excited because now,
slowly, i can see her getting saved. in the past, it was abit hard,
but now i feel more faith in getting her saved. so it is a good sign.

as i am blogging, my brother and his friend are sitting beside me
watching soccer.... oh well... boys will always be boys... hehe.
oh and if anyone is interested, wendy neo currently holds
the longest conversation that my brother talks to my friend!
WELL DONE WENDY! hahahaha. oh crap!

and yes, as promised, bible school has been phenomena.
i am enjoying it although it is still quite hard to wake up
so early! i understand the army life.... i mean just the waking up
part must be really hard already! Pst Derek has been teaching
about the Holy Spirit which is really cool because sometimes
we just know that the HS exist and that is about it, but it is
so much more!
i was really blown away when Pst Derek shared about how
when Jesus was around, it was the HS that guided him because
Jesus was 100% man, he was as normal as anyone of us
but the difference was that he was totally guided by the HS!
so he knew what to do, how to do etc...
it was by the power of the HS that it happened. even when
Jesus was up in heaven again, he still worked totally with the HS
so dont underestimate the HS sometimes...
He is part of the trinity. and the best thing, He is inside of us.
so the exact same thing that Jesus had, we also do!
no wonder the bible says we can do all things. totally cool! (:

lastly, read however you want it to mean...
it is abstract writing! MUHAHAHAHAHA.

fishes swim around in the water
sometimes it is milky, sometimes clear
the conditions around is determined not by the
environment, but rather the fishes themselves
the amount of oxygen the take in, CO2 they
breathe out.
the choice lies with themselves...
it is essential, but the amount is left to be
it is clearer than you think it is
complicated? maybe not.

ok, that's all... cant be bothered to think about
the ending or how to finish it nicely! hehe.
i am going to do my essay now!


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11:19 PM

♥ Monday, March 30, 2009

ohhh.... how i love my blog! hahaha.
ok seriously, just a very quick and short update!

i have just started bible school now!
for the opening we had Pst Phil Pringle to open and
C3 to lead us in praise and worship. so it was really
really good! (: we had a super long day. reached
CHC at 8am and we went home at like 9pm!
but other than that, everything else was good!
we had this orientation and our group won the
TOP! so we would go down in history....
i so totally think that it was because the anointing
was with us! hahahhahaha.

i am going to go do my homework soon which is due
on weds! if you see this, pray for me to do well! (:

till then, will post pictures and videos of SOT soon!

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10:33 PM